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  • Car Alarm System for CAN-Bus

    • Car Alarm System for CAN-Bus
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    • Car Alarm System for CAN-Bus
    • Car Alarm System for CAN-Bus
    • 41172_M

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    Car Alarm System High-Speed-CAN "3903V"
    Car Alarm System Standard CAN "3901V"

  • Don't waive a necessary alarm system because the installation is too complex. The Ampire CAN-Bus alarm systems are activated with the vehicles's own CAN-data-bus of the comfort electronic and get all alarm specefic information with that. This reduces the installation costs in comparison to other conventional systems which are cheaper. In additon the CAN-bus alarm systems also control the indicators and comfort closing automatically, if this is supported by the car. In contrast to the most cheaper CAN-bus alarm systems on the market, the CAN-bus alarm systems can also write commands onto the data-bus instead of only reading information.

    Select an option with car model and build year:

    Scope of delivery:

    • alarm centre
    • siren
    • immobiliser relay
    • pre-wired Valet switch with integrated red status LED
    • miscellaneous cable sets
    • service card
    • manuals in German and English
    • two warning stickers for the windows

    Technical endowment :

    • activation/deactivation only with original remote control or comfort key
    • no deactivation by breaking the door or trunk lock
    • flashing LED with integrated service push button enables you the diagnosis, control, programming
    • integrated 2-level shock sensor with prior warning for breaking or parking bumpers
    • no false alarm by remote-controlled trunk opening or engine start or activated parking header
    • deactivation in need and service mode is always possible even without remote control
    • inclusive high current immobiliser relay for safe interruption by starting

    Alarm zones:

    The CAN-bus alarm system protects your car with 6 separate alarm zones. With the "NPC" anti-false-alarm function the will automatically skip single zones when having a fail function. The long-time-memory always enables you to read the last two triggered alarms.

    • alarm zone 1: trigger alarm when opening the bonnet/trunk (via CAN)
    • alarm zone 2: trigger alarm when getting strong impacts due to integrated shock sensor (sensitivity adjustable)
    • alarm zone 3: trigger alarm when opening the doors (via CAN)
    • alarm zone 4: trigger alarm with optional sensors (analog)
    • alarm zone 5: trigger alarm when turning on the ignition (via CAN)
    • alarm zone 6: trigger alarm with optional alarm contact (analog)

    Prior warnings due to soft impacts (via integrated shock sensor) or due to the optinal sensor will not switched off as an alarm zone.

    This ultra compact siren with Ferrit-Magnet is the best and loudest siren in our product range. It also has 6 different signal sounds which are played one after the other and which change all 5 seconds. The volume can be adjusted when activating or deactivating. The standard of the duration of the alarm is set to 30 seconds and can be changed up to 60 seconds by the user.

    • sound pressure (SPL): 121 dB (1 m distance)
    • material of the magnet: Ferrit
    • power consumption while triggered alarm: 1200 mA
    • sounds of the siren: adjustable 6 (different) or 1 (constant)
    • dimensions of the siren: 84 x 83 x 72 mm


    • immobiliser relay "FailSafe" in scope of delivery (15 A reliable)
    • analog alarm output (200 mA reliable), for the car horn or an optional GPS tracking system
    • analog indicator/parking light output (200 mA belastbar), if it's not possible to control via CAN
    • analog AUX-channel for controlling hte optional accessories (200 mA belastbar), when pushing 2 times the closing button of the remote control
    • analog activation output (500 mA reliable), for controlling the optional accessory 

    The most important operating settings can be changed with the integrated LED service push button. You can change it faster and more extensive with the optional available "Bitwriter" programming system. It can be easily put into the serial "ESP" interface. With this you can also type in a code or lock the adjustments via a manual unauthorized access.

    Legal note:
    We recomment the activation of the siren sound while activation/deactivation (menu option 1?2). This is how you get an acoustical report about the state of the car alarm system. You will get informed with quiet siren sounds (siren chriping) if the alarm system was activated correctly. Otherwise you would get informed with a siren chirping about an open door or manipulated alarm sensor. The EU directive only allows a constantly siren sound with <30 seconds duration when a breaking in was successful.

    Technical data:

    • operating voltage 12 Volt DC
    • quiescent current 14 mA max.
    • dimensions alarm central 9,0 cm x 5,7 cm x 3,2 cm


    • e11*74/61*95/56*2111*00
    • E11 97R 2311
    • E11 10R 024543

    Firmware information:
    This CAN-Bus alarm systems are delivered without car specific firmware. The firmware is a lot more complex than others and need to be pre-installed with the XKLOADER2 or XKLOADER3 programming system. You can find more information and the latest firmware for your car here: www.directechs.com

    Installation of the firmware information:
    The optional available alarm sensor with radar sensor can not be connected directly to the 4 pole sensor of the alarm system. The power consumption of the alarm sensor is too high for that. Connect the power wires of the sensor directly to the steady plus and the "ground when activated" output.

    Internet browser information:
    Please use the Microsoft Internet Explorer with the XpressVIP 4.3 (ActiveX) software to install the firmware at the alarm system. Other browsers will not be automatically supported and errors could accur.

    Equipment information:
    There may be additional costs for installing, adaptions and data-bus-modules if you want to control or remote start the vehicle depending on the car type and the equipment.